Due to the liquidity crisis in the market today, NBFCs have reduced funding to buyers as well as to Real Estate Developers.  Another fact is more than Five Lakh apartments are stuck due to unavailability of last-mile funding.    HOW CAN YOU MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT END UP IN A SIMILAR MESS AFTER BOOKING YOUR FLAT.  One way is to book ready possession property.  But that usually is more expensive than the under construction projects.

So should you go for booking a flat in an under construction project like Dream Aawas ?  Well the answer is YES provided you do your homework properly and diligently.


To assist you to make this sound decision we present to you a “CHECKLIST FOR BUYERS”.  This is universally applicable and you must carefully follow and check each of these points.


  1. IS THE PROJECT RERA REGISTERED? This is the first stamp of approval from the Regulatory Authority and in turn from other departments like Municipal corporation or NMRDA, AAI, Electricity Dept etc.  However these are only to start the project.  DREAM AAWAS IS RERA REGISTERED.
  2. ARE ALL DETAILS AVAILABLE ? All relevant information regarding the project DREAM AAWAS is available on the RERA website.
  3. IS BUILDER FINANCIALLY STRONG AND HAS IMPECCABLE TRACK RECORD? Just because a project is registered with RERA does not mean that you will get your home delivered smoothly.  RERA is only to start the project.  Check the background of the builder.  We at DREAM AAWAS have had a impeccable track record of being the largest producer of a very successful FMCG Brand in the World.  We understand the intricacies involved in project completion and smooth delivery with quality and time.
  4. HAVE YOU SEEN THE LOCALITY ? The physical infrastructure should match your needs. DREAM AAWAS is close to a the outer and inner roads, Besa Beltarodi, has major Bus and METRO stops nearby and good schools in neighbourhood.
  5. IS THE TIMELINE FOR DELIVERY REASONABLE ? Builders give long timelines on RERA website and then claim that they will deliver much before the timeline.  But whether they will really be able to deliver or not can only be checked by constantly monitoring the site progress.  We at DREAM AAWAS have been beating our internal timelines and we have data to share and prove.
  6. HAVE YOU SEEN ANY PROGRESS ?  Check the construction progress for 2-3 months before committing booking in a project.  Ask builder for progress plan for next 3 months and then monitor monthly and then decide.  At DREAM AAWAS our customers wo revisit us after a few months gap, whom we fondly call “Atithi”, congratulate us on the speed and quality of construction.
  7. IS THE PRICE REASONABLE ? Price should be as per the amenities and specifications and locality. Check out the complete inside flat specifications with brands of material being used and also the amenities outside your flat that the builder is promising.  Get this in writing.  Check at least 3 to 4 projects in the vicinity before making your final decision.  Ask the builder how he is different from others and why you should book in his project.  We challenge that prices of DREAM AAWAS are the best value for money proposition in our locality.
  8. TAKE VIEW OF AN INDEPENDENT ADVISER.  This could be a advocate or a friend who is in real estate and understands the business better than you.  Promises by developers have to be corroborated by activity on ground and by double checking deliverables.
  9. DO YOU SEE THE FUTURE PLANS ? Future developments and growth of the location where you buy will dictate the prices five years after you buy your flat.  DREAM AAWAS is having 24 met cement roads on 2 sides and one 18met road on its South side….all connected to the major roads and highways with connectivity and availability of resources in near future.   Our prices have not gone down from the launch date but we have given a positive return to our first buyer.